• Scott Bieker

    Scott Bieker

    @aliceapp startup enthusiast // operational efficiency // customer driven // dad // husband // nyc husker // amateur mountaineer & builder // swimmer

  • Melissa Zoerb

    Melissa Zoerb

  • Catherine LaSpina

    Catherine LaSpina

  • Vera Kobalia

    Vera Kobalia

    Former Minister of Economy. Current Adviser to Governments (innovation in public sector). Women Advocate.👭Trying to change how girls think about careers.

  • Pratap Penumalli

    Pratap Penumalli

    Building the future of community and belonging, investing in good humans with Human Ventures, ex-Googler, always looking up!

  • Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan

  • Elizaveta


    Helping build the future everyday

  • TProphet


    @CuddliApp and @PCPursuit founder, @2600 columnist & @Seat31B blogger. @RSMErasmus MBA. Ex-@Microsoft, world citizen. Every day, my life continues to amaze me.

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