Realm raises $3M to show 87M+ Americans how much their home could be worth

Primary Venture Partners
3 min readFeb 16, 2021

87M Americans own single-family homes, on average representing 62% of their overall assets. Yet, the majority of them don’t realize how easy it is to leverage their house to achieve their financial goals.

As someone who got my real estate license at 18 and worked for a real estate family office, I saw firsthand the power of data and insider knowledge for real estate investors. From knowing how much a bathroom renovation would increase the value of a home to truly understanding the power of refinancing, professional real estate investors have had the upper hand for decades.

That changes today, thanks to Realm.

Founded by former commercial real estate data executive, Liz Young, Realm is building the trusted financial hub for the American homeowner. Leveraging proprietary data, Realm provides FREE property analysis that tells you how much your home could be worth in the same way that Zillow tells you how much it is currently worth. Homeowners can use Realm’s dashboard to create a customized plan to tap into their property’s full potential and also have the option to work with a property analyst on an in-depth data report for as little as $99.

With the average homeowner spending $7,560 per year on home improvements, Realm identifies the cost and ROI of each project, which financing options are available, and what projects are feasible in accordance with local zoning laws.

At Primary, we believe in democratizing access for the American consumer to enterprise-quality tools that will empower their financial future. Realm does exactly that.

At its core: Building the first-ever centralized data hub for homeowners.

Its mission: Empower American homeowners to make more educated decisions with their homes.

How: With its free property potential score and extensive property reports, American homeowners will easily be able to find a way to help themselves achieve their financial goals through clear, actionable steps provided by Realm.

Why now: 64.6% of Americans own their own home. The pandemic has forced us to be in our space more. It’s time to let our space work for us in the form of improving our financial lives. Through the creation of a proprietary dataset that would not have been possible to create a few years ago, Realm is now able to help Americans easily digest all the ways they can make money from their home, increase the value of it, access cash, or generate savings.

The “it” factor: Realm’s Founder, Liz Young, is a force who has been a member of the Primary portfolio once already through her work at Reonomy, a commercial real estate data company. Liz truly understands the power of this data and the impact it can have on people’s financial lives. She’s on a mission to empower homeowners with this data and she won’t be stopped.

— Jason Shuman, Partner at Primary Venture Partners



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